Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh what do to...

So I have been stressing myself out over where Ellie needs to go to school! I thought when I got the job at New Hope that it was set and was perfect. Ellie would go to school with me and be in the same building as me. Great! Wonderful!

But now I am at Scottsboro High school. If I take Ellie with me, she will have to wait one more year because SCS doesn't have pre-k. She would also be in a different school from me and would get out of school about 30 minutes before me too. Soooo....

I don't know what I want/ need to do!! I don't want to drop Ellie off at NHES everyday and then have to put her extended daycare until someone can get her. If she was with me, I could get her but then she would have to stay with me throughout practice because who is going to come all the way out there to pick Ellie up? I could try to quit coaching but then I probably wouldn't have 4th block planning and then I couldn't get Ellie picked up on time. I don't know if she could ride the bus over to the HS and get off there or not. I guess it might be an option. But again. I am so torn over this! I really don't know what to do!!

Any suggestions!?!?