Sunday, December 11, 2011

What Noel has been up to:

Noel wanted to have a party to celebrate her coming to Ellie's house.

Noel wanted to take a ride to school with us.

We found Noel watching a movie one morning.

Noel just wanted to help Ellie get ready for school.

Noel hid way up in the top part of the tree.

Instead of poker night, it was "Go Fish" night.

Noel decided to take a nap in Ellie's bed while we were gone one day.

Noel wanted to go on a horse ride, but no horses were available. So Scar had to do.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Noel the Elf from the North Pole- day 2 and 3

Today Noel reminded us that she is from the North Pole (specifically) Santa's Workshop.

Noel wanted to practice writing her letters! She found Ellie's note pad and I think she did a great job!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Noel the Elf from the North Pole

We got quite a surprise last night!!! Santa came early to visit us!!

He told us a story of how Ellie and Grandby went to see all the lights in Cullman and had lots of fun. But at the end of the drive, Santa was waiting for her, but she wouldn't go see him. He said he was so sad! He doesn't want any kid to be scared of him. He just wanted to know what she wanted for Christmas. So he decided that since she (Ellie) might be a little scared of him, and he really needed to know what she wanted for Christmas, that he would just send an Elf to stay with us until Christmas morning. This is when he decide to give us Noel. Noel is a beautiful little girl Elf that Santa thought would fit perfect in our family since she is a little bit like Ellie (precious yet sneaky). He also wrote Ellie a little note letting her know that Noel was there to watch her. But before he left our house, he told us to be careful in the mornings. Noel was known to do some silly things over night.

Here is our little surprise: