Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Conversations with Ellie

Here is the conversation I had with my Elliegator this morning.

I go in to wake her up at 6:45am.

Me: "Ellie wake up baby girl. Time to go to school."

Ellie: "No no mommy... I want to sleep" (rolls away from me and pulls up the covers)

Me: "How about you wake up and get dressed then you can sleep in mommy's arms"

Ellie: "No"

I then pick her up whining, get her dress and go into the living room to rock. She is snuggled with me for a while, then leaned back and smiled and said "Hey mommy!"

Tonight at the basketball games, she pointed to the court and said "Mommy ball." I think that is funny because when she sees football that is "Daddy ball."

When we got home tonight from the games, she wanted her passy. I told her she had to take a bath and play in the bubbles first. I then asked her if she wanted to do that , and her response was "Yes." So I went and got her bath ready and when I was done, she decided she didn't want to take a bath. She started to call for "daddy" as we made our way to the bath tub. By the way, she did enjoy the bath and fell right to sleep.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Before Ellie can pick out what to wear for Halloween, Josh and I wanted her to be a Gator Cheerleader. When we went to Gainesville back in September, I found this outfit and knew Ellie had to wear it! I was so excited. She loves to wear it too. She is not to fond of the pom pom, but I am sure that will change before to long. Here are a few pictures that we got before we left for trick or treating!

Yeah, I don't remember why she is mad at me here.