Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Conversations with Ellie

Here is the conversation I had with my Elliegator this morning.

I go in to wake her up at 6:45am.

Me: "Ellie wake up baby girl. Time to go to school."

Ellie: "No no mommy... I want to sleep" (rolls away from me and pulls up the covers)

Me: "How about you wake up and get dressed then you can sleep in mommy's arms"

Ellie: "No"

I then pick her up whining, get her dress and go into the living room to rock. She is snuggled with me for a while, then leaned back and smiled and said "Hey mommy!"

Tonight at the basketball games, she pointed to the court and said "Mommy ball." I think that is funny because when she sees football that is "Daddy ball."

When we got home tonight from the games, she wanted her passy. I told her she had to take a bath and play in the bubbles first. I then asked her if she wanted to do that , and her response was "Yes." So I went and got her bath ready and when I was done, she decided she didn't want to take a bath. She started to call for "daddy" as we made our way to the bath tub. By the way, she did enjoy the bath and fell right to sleep.

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Sara said...

Bryson does the same thing when I go wake him up to take the big boys to school!