Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bath time fun

I don't have any pictures to show you tonight, but I had to write about our bath time tonight. Ellie has found out that it is really fun to kick her feet in the water. Now, for those of you that have seen her on the floor kicking... yes it is just like that, except in the water. So you can just imagine what it was like. Water was flying everywhere!! I mean everywhere! My whole arm and sleeve was soaked, and most of the front of my shirt! I had to use the shower curtain to protect me from getting just completely soaked!! Just when I thought that she was about done, she discovered that she could do the same thing with her hands. Apparently this was much more fun, because she screamed as I tried to lay her back. I thought to myself, "When she splashes herself in the face, she will quit." No... I was wrong. That was just funny to her. She would laugh and do it even more. Maybe next time Josh is home we can snap a few pictures. I wish someone would help me figure out how to get my videos on here, then I could show you alot more (hint,hint)

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