Saturday, August 9, 2008

School is in session!

We all started back to school this week. Yuck!! 184 more school days left. I actually have pretty good classes so far. My Biology class (1st block) is almost 30 kids, then I have 15 for Chemistry, and 7 for Forensic Science. Fun classes! I have never taught Forensic before so I am a little scared about it. Don't really know what to do. I told my kids that I feel like I am just "winging" it. I am going to have to study each night so that I will be prepared to teach them the next day. Oh well. At least I have some really cool labs with that class. We will be doing DNA fingerprinting, ink analysis, handwriting analysis, and (I still have to figure this out) a murder mystery lab. I think it will be one of my favorite classes when we are all over with.

Anyway, Ellie did fine this week. The only problem I have is when I get home and Josh goes to work, I can't get out of her sight. She starts screaming when I do!! Sometimes she doesn't even like for me to put her down! I think it will take a few more days and she will be fine.

Well, I just want to write about something, and now I have nothing else to say. Hope you all have a good school year (if your still in school).

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