Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday My Baby!

Well Ellie is offically ONE today!! I can't believe that this time last year I became a mom. Time has just flown by!! It just amazes me to look at Ellie and see how far she has come. This time last year, she slept all the time and could not do anything but eat, sleep and poop. Today, she is walking (well really trying to run), talking, playing on her own, and starting to show her personality! Boy does she have a temper!!! Which, by the way, you really need to see. It is actually quite funny. But again, it just amazes me to think that she has learned to do all of that in just a year. WOW! I love it though. She gets more fun ever day. I love to try to teach her new things. Here is a run down of everything that Ellie can do now:

* Eat some table food
* Can hold her own bottle (and uses a sippy cup more each day)
* Loves to feed herself her puffs
* Plays pretty good with others and great by herself.
* Can say, "Mama, dada, hey, hi, ump (jump), and what sounds like I did it"
* She will not sit down anymore, she always wants to walk.
* Has a temper!!! Will get mad at just about anything now.
* Loves for Josh to throw her on our bed and then he comes and jumps on it. She loves it!
* I can now leave her a daycare and she not cry!

Oh, I am sure that there is more that she can do but I am too tired to try to remember. Thanks to all who wished Ellie and happy birthday! I am sure that she had a great one!!!

Taken 2.5.08

Taken 1.29.09

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