Friday, March 20, 2009

Gulf Shores 2009

Well, this spring break we went to Gulf Shores with the Shubert family. We all had a blast!!! We went to watch the girls play in a softball tournament, which they did pretty good in. Ellie hated the beach. We would put her in the sand and she would just scream!! Look at the pictures, you will understand. She also hated the water. Of course it was freezing cold, but we never really got her feet in it. I think it just scared her. The one thing she did love was the balcony at our condo. She loved to walk outside on it and look at the beach. She would just talk and talk. We had so much fun that Ellie was so exhausted and would actually sleep through the night. It was great. We hope to go back next year and I hope that we can all put in to get a beach house together. Enjoy the pictures.

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