Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Last year was Ellie's first Easter, but really this year seemed like it. She was only a little over a month old last year so all she did was lay around. This year we got to buy a beautiful dress, Easter basket and run around playing with everyone else. She had so much fun with Cousin Gabe and Gage.

The only bad thing that happened was while at Aunt Dorothy, I came outside to take some pictures of Ellie and her great great grandparents and fell down the steps!! Her steps are of smooth concrete and my shoes did not have any tread on them (they were super slick). I just stepped wrong and couldn't catch myself and fell down two to three steps. Yeah me!! I didn't think I was really hurt. I just scratched up my foot a little and my toe (the one beside the big toe) was hurting. Well, we went on about our day and all the while it (the toe) was hurting me to the point I started to limp. Well, here it is about 7pm and I look at my foot. I mean really look and inspect it. Guess what... It is black and blue on the bottom of my foot!!!! I really think I broke it!! It isn't swelled up much, just sore and black and blue. I think I am not going to the ER though. All they will tell me is to stay off it and that isn't happening (softball season remember?!?!).

Anyways, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

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