Sunday, September 6, 2009

Florida Football and Playtime

Well here is our family picture in our UF jerseys. Soon Ellie will have a cheerleader outfit to sport, but unfortunately she didn't have it in time for the first football game!! Saturday was the day Josh couldn't wait for and it was the day I usually dread. I am now officially a football widow. Oh well, I love football too so it really isn't that bad. We decided that since we all have jerseys with #1 on it, we thought we would take a family picture. I thought it turned out great!! Ellie actually smiled!!

We went to the Kelly's house and watched football and let the kids play together. They had so much fun and was the best!! They played better this weekend then they have so far. They are getting older and loving the company. This morning Ashley and I took the kids outside to play on the swing set. Of course they loved it. Ellie loves to swing. We let them go down on the slide by themselves and they loved it. Ellie was all about it at first, but when she went down it too fast the first time, it scared her and mommy had to hold her the rest of the time. I was taking pictures and me nor Ashley thought she would go that fast since Carter didn't. But Ellie just took off and fell all the way off the slide. She never cried though. Tough Girl! Here are a few pictures to enjoy.

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