Saturday, October 3, 2009

Elliegator and Outdoor fun

I know that it has been a while since my last post, but I have been pretty busy. And I am about to be even more busy with basketball starting up! I have got to give myself a break.

Anyways, Josh, me and Adam and Ashley went to Gainesville for the Tennessee/ Florida game. We had a blast!! We got to stay in Gainesville which was so much better! I can't believe we use to stay in Lake City. So, we did alot of shopping...I mean ALOT of shopping!!! I found Ellie the perfect outfit!! A UF Cheerleading outfit. I mean it feels and looks like the real thing! I was so happy that I didn't really pay attention to the price tag and just bought it. So, Ellie is going to be a UF cheerleader for Halloween. I even found her a pair of white Reebok shoes! She is going to look so cute. I am really hoping that Ashley will buy Carter a jersey and let him be a football player for Halloween. They would be so cute together!!!

Well, here are a few pictures of Ellie in her outfit. I think that she likes it. She wouldn't let me take it off of her!!

She was yelling "GOOOOOO"

Do you like her choice of accessories?

This past week has been the best weather!! I love it when it is in the 70's and you can wear jeans and a shirt and be just fine. I wish we had this weather all year long! Well me and Ellie decided to make the most of it one day after school. I grabbed a few of her toys (mainly because we are horrible and haven't bought her anything that goes outside!) and we took off. She loved playing with her golf set. Although the wind was blowing her ball around and leaves were blowing around. Every time a leaf would blow across the driveway, she would ask "Whats that?" I would have to reassure her every time that it was a leaf and she was fine. I think the noise of it must have scared her a little bit. I also took her four wheeler out and she is still trying to ride it, but she is a little too big. It was really cute though. Of course, when it was time to go inside, she would just start crying and telling me "NO, NO Mommy!" I couldn't resist. We had to stay a few more minutes. Here are some pictures of one of our days outside.

I think she must have been singing!

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