Monday, April 14, 2008


Can you believe that Ellison is TWO MONTHS OLD!!??!! Wow were has the time went. Well we went today for her two month check up and shots. She did good! She weighs 10lbs 7 oz, and 22 in long. Doctor said she is perfectly proportional. 40% for head, 30% for weight, and 45% for height, what ever all that means!? Anyways, she is a perfectly health baby that as we speak is kicking around like crazy!!! I swear I think she will be crawling in another month or two!!

She also had her first shots today! Dad did not like it one bit!! In fact, I had to hold her hands. You know, usually it's the dad's that go to the ER when their little one has a cut and needs stitches, or cast, or... usually they deal with the gross bad stuff. I guess that will be reversed in my house. I think I will be the one to deal with all that. I was not upset by Ellison getting her shots today. Josh seemed like he was a little bit. I know that he just doesn't want to see her in pain, but it was for her own good! Really. I don't mean that in a mean way (kinda sounded that way). This will help protect her so I can get her out and about more!

Here is a little up date on what she is doing these days:
1. Holds her head up really well when on your shoulder.
2. Kinda holds her head up when having tummy time.
3. Loves, LOVES to smile and laugh at you.
4. Can have a death grip on you hair, shirt, or finger.
5. Hates to have her hair washed now!
6. Sleeping pretty good at night (at least 5 hours)
7. Eating 3 oz every two hours!!!! (and yes I am tired)
8. Will almost roll over onto her back from her tummy. (can't seem to get over her arm)
9. Starting to fight sleep (but I know the trick to get her to sleep...[evil ha ha])
10. And is always hungry at the same time when mom is... coincident...I think not!!

P.S.. It true what the doctor said when I asked about her head, "It's just Cradle Crap!"

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