Sunday, November 30, 2008

1st Thanksgiving

This was Ellison's first Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful fun filled day. First we went to Grandmaw and PawPaw Walls' house for a HUGE meal. We got to play with my cousin Adam's boys; and I have to say, they had as much fun with Ellie and she did with them. Then we came home for a little relaxation (that means long nap!) before heading off the Grandby's, Papa's and Great MawMaw Inez's house. Again, we had a HUGE meal! The only bad part about that day was that Ellie couldn't enjoy the same food as me and her daddy. I did, however, find her some turkey baby food and she ate every bit of it. I guess I will need to watch out for her next year. She might be the one eating all the turkey!! Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day!

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