Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our house at Christmas

I wanted to show you pictures of our house at Christmas during my last blog when I went on and on about being in the Christmas spirit. I finally got a chance to put up my decorations this weekend and I had to take pictures to show you all.

The picture of our Christmas tree really doesn't do it justice. You need to come and see it all lit up in person. I did have to find a new place for our stockings this year. I have been putting it on the ends of the fireplace, but this year I had one extra stocking to hang up. I really didn't want to put it right in the middle of my Christmas Village, so I cleaned off a spot on our stand beside the t.v and put them there.

Isn't this picture just perfect... toys and all.
I know that my house is not as decorated as some family members' house, but I like it. We do have a few decorations outside, but still no house lights. I should have thought about Christmas lights when we bought a house with unbelievable high roofs!! Oh well. I can't wait for the actual Christmas day to hurry and arrive!!!

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