Friday, December 5, 2008

Like Father, Like Daughter.

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Florida vs Alabama for the SEC Championship. I can't wait for it to be over because I am so tired of listening to all the "talk" about it. I will be watching and cheering on Florida though. Won' t miss this game for the world.

Tonight we had Gabe's birthday party and we just can't wait for tomorrow. So, we decided to go ahead and dress for the occasion. Josh said that we should dress Ellie in something Florida. I told him that I didn't think she could wear anything she had, but I would try on her jersey. It's 12mths but she is starting to wear some of those clothes. So why not. I gave it a try and she could wear it. IT WAS SOOO CUTE!! I did have to put a bow in her hair because I was afraid that she looked to much like a boy. Well, Josh noticed that her jersey was #1 and he had one too. So, here are the pictures for you to see them in their matching outfits!

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Ashley said...

How stinkin' cute is she??? I love it! Go Gators Ellie!