Saturday, December 6, 2008


Had to write about it! GO GATORS!! Florida Gators are this years SEC Champs! I sooooo can't wait to get to school on Monday and do the Gator chomp in all my kids faces! I bet some of them won't even come to school so that they don't have to deal with me. LOL! All week long, me and Josh both have been getting it from every Alabama fan that we know. It was always about how they were going to kill us and just dominate. Well, I think Alabama did a great job in the game, but Florida was the better team. I mean they even did it without two of their best running backs (Harvin and Ingram). Now on to the National Championship!

By the way, Josh was right. Every time that Adam and him goes to the SEC championship game together (without anyone else) Florida always wins! I guess that is a new tradition that won't soon be broken.


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