Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Wow! I got an overload of information today! Today was our offical day back to school (for teachers anyways). We had inservice at the high school which was really neat. They did a "virtual" inservice, where they had 5 host sites and we didn't have to travel to far. It was good. I liked it. That only lasted about an hour and a half and then we had to go to our lunchroom and have a faculty meeting. Well, I got stopped about 100 times on my way to the meeting. I guess it was actually good, because it was people who didn't know me. Anyways, I was flooded with information at the meeting about all the stuff that I have to do. I never had to do most of this stuff before. I feel so lost!! I know that I can handle the classroom and the material. It is the same as my high school biology lessons. So I am not worried about that. I am worried about the lesson plans (how in depth, long etc...), and all the other little paper work that I have to do. I know that this is a bigger school and I should have been prepared a little better, but WOW...

{takes a deep breath...}

Anyways, I can do it and I am really excited about starting this school year. I have really high expectations for myself and my students. I can't wait to get to coaching!! I am excited about all that. Can't wait for softball especially!

Anyways, I got to get ready for the rest of the week. School starts Monday!! Hope everyone is ready!!

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Sara said...

Good luck! I am ready. My boys are driving me crazy!