Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Since it has been a while since I wrote a blog, I thought I would update you now (seeing as how I have a second finally). But I am tired so if I ramble that is why.

School started off great. I think I will really like 7th grade. They seem to respect me more. I guess because I don't quite look like a 7th grader. That was my problem with high school. I looked like one of them and they didn't respect me. So, school is going really good now. I am having to start from scratch with the class, so that is keeping me tied down. Since we have no teacher money this year, I am trying to find ways to keep the students engaged without having to make copies. That is actually really hard!!! I have a smartboard in my room, so I have been making powerpoints of my notes and making the students copy them. It's been working out fine. I find games online and let them come up to the board and play them. They love playing with the board.

Other than the classroom, I have a grant to fix up the greenhouse outside my room. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING!!! NO idea where to begin!! I know what things probably need to be fix, but I am afraid that I will miss something. With it being a grant too, I have to keep up with everything. So that means lots and lots of paperwork and pictures to prove it. Crazy! I think my head is going to spin off!!! Too much stuff!!

On a different note (basically I have to stop talking about school before my BP rises to a deathly level), Ellison is talking so much now. I mean actually talking. She is picking up on everything and saying everything. She surprised me Saturday morning. I turned the TV on for her to watch cartoons and she said "Mommy, Manny." And yes, Handy Manny was on TV. I have never heard her say it before.
Here are some more conversations:

Josh: Love you Ellie, be back in a minute.
Ellie: ove you in minute bye bye daddy

Me: Lets go play with Mrs. Sarah and Jessie (as we get out of the car at daycare)
Ellie: no no mommy, no no
Me: yes I will be back this afternoon
Ellie: no no mommy...(and a bunch of gibberish... probably cursing me for leaving her there)

Inez: yeah there is Elmo
Ellie: I get it I get Elmo
Inez: Okay you can get Elmo

Ellie: Mommy Elmo (whining and crying and crawling up in my lap while I am on the computer)
Me: not right now Ellie. Mommy is working on school stuff.
Ellie: No no, Elmo mommy (continues until I give in or she gives up)

As soon as we come in from school (or actually anytime we come home), Ellie will walk to the TV, turn it on, find the remote, give it to me and shake her head yes. Apparently I am suppose to know what she wants (obviously to watch cartoons). She then signs "more", which now means eat. So I fix her a snack and let her eat it in the living room while watching cartoons.

So as you can tell, our lives are interesting. Ellie says something new everyday, but of course I am so tired that I can't remember everything. I think I need to keep a book about it. She is so fun right now. I love coming home to her!! I still don't like our night time. She will fall asleep on her own now, but she will not do it when she wakes in the middle of the night. And this week she has decided that she wants mommy to rock her back to sleep. Mommy doesn't like this. She did so good for a week. She slept thru the night and all, but I don't know what happened now. Oh well. One day she will sleep.

Pictures are to come in the future. Stay tune!!

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