Sunday, January 10, 2010


Ellie has started to understand how to play hide-and-go-seek. And when I mean started to understand, I mean sorta gets the concept. Here are the examples from tonight:

Me and Ellie told daddy (aka Josh) to count to ten and we will go hide. I took Ellie to an easy spot first. We went and laid down beside our bed away from the door. When Josh got done counting he came to look for us.
Josh: "Ready or not here I come."
Me: "Shhhh.. you have to be very quiet!" (talking to Ellie as she proceeded to laugh!
Josh: "Where are you?"
Ellie: Stands up to try to see if daddy was coming... and giggles.
Josh: "I found you!"

Ellie takes off running and laughing into the living room, so daddy hides under the covers on the bed.

I go into the living room and tell Ellie that its our turn to look for daddy. We covered our eyes, counted to ten and then went to look for him. We searched everywhere. Finally she saw the lump on the bed and found him!!

Now it was Ellie's turn to hide again. I went back out and counted to ten, then went on my search:
Me:"Ready or not, here I come. Ummm, where could she be? Is she in the bathroom? Nope. Maybe in the closet? No, not there either. Is she under the bed? No. Well, where could she be?"
**This whole time she was as quiet as a mouse!! But I knew by the lumps under the covers that she was with daddy in the bed....

Still trying to find her:
Ellie: "What?" (as she pulled back the covers to see what I wanted)

Me and Josh just busted out laughing!! It was so funny and cute! I guess if you ever play hide and go seek with Ellie all you have to do is call out her name and she will let you know where she is!! LOL!!