Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

I think we had the best Christmas so far as a family. Ellie got tons of stuff from Santa, and me and Josh were able to get things we really wanted too. I think the best part was the Ellie really enjoyed it this year. She loved to open the gifts. In fact, if you were not watching close enough, she would open the first gift she saw!! I can't wait until next year. The child will be really into then. We still didn't get her picture made with Santa, but she did see him at her daycare party. Mrs. Sarah said she loved him and didn't want down from his lap. I guess that's a good thing. Here are a few pictures of our long weekend of partying.

Ellie and I sporting some of our Christmas clothes

Ellie got a new hat from MawMaw and PawPaw Walls

So happy on Christmas morning to see all her gifts!!

Was so happy about her new kitchen she didn't want to open the rest of her gifts!

She loved her stocking stuffers the best!

Ellie and her new vacuum. It actually picks up!!

Ellie trying to get into the gifts at Grandmaw Fosters

Great Grandmaw Foster with Ellie and Colt

The three Etheredge Grandkids

Ellie loves her Princess Coupe! Thanks Grandby and Papa!

Ellie with Santa (I just wonder what she is thinking?)

Ellie getting ready to leave. She picked up her baby, put her in her carrier, got the diaper bag, and said "Bye bye mommy. Love you"

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