Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life with my three year old

Well, Ellie got her cast off!! She is back to normal. Although I still see her from time to time using only her left hand, but I guess she just got so use to it. She is back to running and playing like normal. In fact, the night we got her cast off, we couldn't keep her from jumping on the bed!!!

I think that Ellie is starting to go through a phase of some sort. I have other friends that have kids the same age as Ellie and they are going through it too. I really don't want to think that she hates daycare. I know those ladies take extremely good care of her. Here lately she has been extremely clingy to me. She doesn't want to go to school because she "doesn't have any friends" or because the teachers "put me in timeout". She gets really upset when I leave her there. In fact, there have been numerous times that the teacher has had to pull her off of me!!! She wants mommy to do everything!! Of course she loves her daddy too. She will run to him and squeeze him so tight when she seems him. She always says, "Thank you so much for picking me up today", every time that we get her!! It's like she thinks we are going to forget her. I have never forgotten her! Well, maybe forgot to buckle her in her car seat once and went all the way to Walmart, but never just left her!! I hope that it is just a phase that she is going through. Summer starts for us in a week and she will be at home with me more. I don't want her to get use to that and make it even harder for me to leave her next school year.

On the lighter side, we have been getting more and more personality from her. Wow she is so funny! And sweet! Here are just a few sayings that I hear on a daily basis:
"I love you the mostest"
"It will make my dreams come true"
"Your so crazy"
"Come mere my kitty kat" (talking to me)
"Heyyy what are you doing?"
"Are you my friend?"
"Mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy, Kelly"
"My name is Ellie Grace Etheredge" (produced by her f-fridge)

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