Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Wonderful World of Ellie

Ellie loves her daddy's Iphone. It amazes me at how quick she can learn. She watched him a few times unlock his phone and now she can do it! You hand it to her locked and she will touch the button at the bottom and then slide the thing across at the bottom. She is so smart. By the way, she loves talking on the phone!! Oh no, we are in trouble now!

Ellie likes to walk around the house with her cloth diaper (aka snot rag) on the top of her head. Why and when she started doing this, I don't know. I do know that she likes playing peek-a-boo with it. She scares me sometimes because she will walk around with it completely covering her face looking like a mummy! Its funny but scary!


Our little golfer. I finally convenced Josh to buy Ellie the plastic golf clubs that I have been seeing at Wallyworld. She loves them of course! She hasn't quite figured out how to swing right, but at least she know she needs to hit the ball with it. She hits it pretty good too. Do I see the LPGA in her future? We can only hope...

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