Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Amazing Ellie

Ellie never stops surprising me at the stuff she can do. She is only 17 mths (or will be Sat.) and she can say almost anything she wants. Of course she will only say stuff when she wants to. She already has a little personality. She has the Walls' family temper. She will get mad pretty quickly. It's actually quite funny. She has also learned to give you this "I'm sorry/ I'm so sweet" smile when you get on to her. It takes just about everything you have to keep from laughing at her when she does it.

Well, yesterday morning I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and Ellie was watching cartoons. She was walking around playing with her toys and talking to the T.V so I knew she was okay. All of a sudden she got quite. That's when I knew she was into something or doing something she shouldn't. Guess what I found as I looked into the living room? My daughter with her clothes almost off!! I took pictures to prove it!! She just could not figure out how to get her feet out of her pj's (they have a little elastic at the foot that helps keep then on, and she couldn't figure out how to get out of it).

Later that day, we decided to get a ice cream sandwich. I bought the little mini ones thinking it would be easier to eat for Ellie. Well, I got brave yesterday and decided to let her hold it and feed herself. I usually don't because we have sorta white couches and who wants chocolate on their couch?! So, like I said, I got brave. Ellie had the best time feeding herself the ice cream sandwich. She was even trying to feed me like I used to her. Anyways, I have some pictures of that experience too. Enjoy the rest of the summer!!!


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Sara said...

Bryson has turned into quite the little streaker too! He takes his clothes off and hollars, "I'm nech-ed! Boo-hiney!" Which translates into naked and see my behiney.