Sunday, July 5, 2009

Walls Family 4th of July

We don't do a huge family 4th of July like most families do, but we did have lots of fun!! Josh, Ellie and I went to Birmingham to my sisters house. Mom was the only one not there because she went on a trip to San Diego. Wendy bought Gage a slip-n-slide which turned out to be tons of fun for him. I wish you could have seen him!! He never quite got the concept of running and slide as you run. Instead he would just run to the top, stop, jump on the float (came with it), and Bryan (his dad) would push him down the slip-n-slide. So funny to watch!! He had a blast and Ellie loved playing in the sprinklers that were spraying the slip-n-slide. Gage and Ellie both got into his baby pool. Ellie loved it so much!! She was able to move around and play with out mommy holding her. She loved it so much that we went out and bought her one tonight! Anyways, I hope the you enjoy the pictures.

Ready to go!I'm flying!

Playing in the pool!

Playing in the sprinklers

My Elliegator!

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