Saturday, May 29, 2010


Well school is finally over with for the summer. Although my job still is on going. I decided to paint my classroom. It was three different colors and really needed it. So, I decided since I am a coach and complain all the time about kids not having school spirit, I did my room is school colors. White walls with blue trim, and a mural of NH Indians on the back wall. And my kids better like the mural because it took me 1 1/2 hrs to just do that. And I'm not done!!!

Well daycare is wanting me to pay the full amount even though Ellie will only be going to daycare twice a week this summer. So after getting into it on the phone, I just decided that I was threw with her and moved Ellie. Well, actually Ellie will be going to her full time through June and then starts Jumping Jacks in July twice a week. I really hate to move her because she likes Sarah and Jessie but I just can't deal with them anymore. Plus, moving her is better for me because now I can pick her up after practice and not have to rely on mom so much.

Here lately I just don't know what is wrong with me. I have everything yet I am still depressed. Nothing seems to make me happy these days and I don't know what will fix it. I just feel overwhelmed sometimes with all the house work, school work, and taking care of Ellie, but even when Josh helps, it still doesn't seem to make me happy. I just can't figure it out!! I'm hoping that once I get all this school stuff out of the way, and clean this house then I will rest and feel better. Life just never seems to slow down!!!

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