Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"There's Monsters in My Room"

I get woke up by Ellie. This is nothing unusual. She still doesn't sleep through the night constantly. Oh, how I wish that day would come!! Anyways, here lately when I go in to check on her, she will put her face in her hands and lay on my shoulder. When I ask her what is wrong, her response has been "I'm scared."

Me: "Ellie, what are you scared about baby?"
Ellie: "Monsters"
Me: "Oh Ellie there are no monsters in your room!! Mommy would never let that happen."

She then sits up and tells me that "Huxley took my blanket. Elmo go get his blanket."

I guess in order to understand what she just said, you have to have watched the movie "Elmo in Grouchland" In that movie, Huxley is the mean old man that takes Elmo's blanket down to Grouchland. Elmo has to go into Grouchland to get his blanket back. Well, I guess that we have let Ellie watch this movie one to many times. Because now she is waking up in the middle of the night saying things like that.

Well, I assured Ellie that there are no monsters in her room. I noticed that I had her water bottle on her dresser (I use it to wet her "bed head" in the morning), and thought of a plan. I remembered that Debbie made a similar bottle for Gabe when he thought monsters were in his room. So, I took the bottle and walked with Ellie around her room spraying the "NO MONSTERS" spray. I guess it worked because she went back to sleep shortly afterwards.

What an imagination our child already has!!!

One day last week, Josh went to the Anders' house to play some games. It was already Ellie's bedtime, so I put her to bed and I went to bed shortly afterwards too. Well, not to long after I fell asleep, I got woke up to Ellie saying "Mommy." It is not unusual for her to do that then roll over and fall asleep, so I waited a second and she stopped. About 5 minutes later, she lets out the loudest, scariest scream you can imagine. I mean, it was one of those screams you never want to hear your child scream. It was like she was being ripped from my arms! Of course, I immediately ran to her room. In the time that it took me to run across the hallway, I had a million different scenarios going on in my head about why she was screaming like that.

From simple things like:
1. She had her foot/hand caught in the rails of her bed.
2. She threw something out of the bed like her favorite blanket.

To horrible things like:
3. Someone was in her room trying to take her.
4. The tree outside her room had fallen on the house and onto her.
5. She had managed to fall out of her bed.

I think you get the picture about how horrible the scream was...

Anyways, I get to her room and she is still laying down in bed. I run over to her and say "Ellie, Ellie what is wrong? Mommy's here." All she keeps doing is crying and looking up (kinda behind me). I get the distinct feeling that something, or someone was standing behind me. Creepy I know... So I turn around and...

of course didn't see anything. So I grabbed Ellie up and she just curled up on me and still was screaming!! I turned her lamp on to see if anything was wrong with her physically. Nothing. She is still screaming!! I hold her tight and rock her. Still screaming! So, I kinda get stern with her, and hold her away from me and say "Ellie, this is mommy!! Please stop screaming and tell me what is wrong!!"

Now, she stops screaming. She proceeds to put her face in her hands and fall into my shoulder. She is no longer screaming or crying. When I ask her what is wrong, she tells me nothing. It took about two minutes of rocking her and she was sound asleep again. I laid her back down and went back to bed myself. I felt helpless! I felt like if someone had really been in there, I wouldn't have been able to get to her quick enough. (It now makes me really rethink having her bedroom upstairs or across the house away from us!)

Of course, I couldn't go back to sleep then. I was scared to death! I just wanted to go back and get her and put her to bed with me. Instead, I called Josh to come home. When he came back home and I told him what happened, I couldn't hold back the tears. That scream just stuck with me. I was scared now! I was so upset to hear her scream like that. I never ever hope I hear her do that again!!!


Tonight, I was trying to get Ellie dressed for bed when she informed me that monsters took her blanket. So, after we got dressed, I took her water bottle and we sprayed her room down with the "NO MONSTERS" spray. I even showed her how to do it and let her spray a few times.

While I was drying her hair, I let her know that those monsters that she sees in her room are more scared of mommy and daddy than she is of them. She says "Monsters are scared of mommy and daddy." I let her know that mommy and daddy will not let anything happen to her and that we have scared the mean old monsters away. She lets me know that "No monsters take Ellie's blanket."

No Ellie. No monsters will ever take your blanket! Mommy and daddy promises!


Again, what an imagination Ellie has!!!! What am I to do?

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