Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quotes from Ellie

Here are a few quotes that I have been writing down as they happen. Enjoy!

While laying in bed awake at 2am: "Mommy? Mommmmyyyy. I want a pop tart. You understand? You hear me?"

While playing in the living room with me and Josh, Ellie picks up her (I don't know what you call it, you put in the round picture card and you click the side and if you look into it you will see the pictures) anyways, she picks it up and says "Cheese daddy, cheese mommy" then tosses it over her shoulder like it was nothing.

After already having time out for hitting mommy, Ellie tell me "You be quiet mommy" When asked if she wants time out again, she pauses then says "No I don't think so"

"You go hide" Which actually means, you count and come find me later.

Dances and sings on key, "Someday my prince will come" from Snow White.

"Happy Mother's Day mommy!" Awww, just broke my heart!

"Huxley, don't take my blanket, don't take elmo's blanket. I go get my blanket, Huxley took my blanket."

While in the car on our way to Walmart: Ellie: "Mommy where are we going?" Me:"We are going to Walmart to get some groceries." Ellie: "Nope, we go see Grandby and Uncle Cody." Me: "No, we are going shopping." Ellie: "Oh...okay mommy."

"Where is Cartman?" (which is what Josh calls Carter Kelly)

While the doctor was drawing blood from Ellie's toe, I told here "It will be okay. It will all be done in a minute." When he was finished, Ellie crawled back into my lap and said "It all done. We go to Ellie's house."

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Cornelius Family said...

It's called a viewfinder. And glad she's giving me some stuff to laugh about!