Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cancun, Mexico

Hola! Como Esta? (did I spell all that right?)

During fall break this year, we had the amazing opportunity to travel to Cancun, Mexico!! I have never been out of the states so this trip was really exciting for me. Josh, Ellie and I traveled with the Anders' clan. After a rocky start, the week ended up great.

We woke up at 3am (yes 3am!) Got ready and finished packing. We waited until we had the car packed to wake Ellie up. Well, she of course fought us. We whined and cried until we got into Huntsville. Then she said "we go ride on the big plane?" She was pretty excited about this trip too (daycare said she couldn't quite talking about it). Well, we get to the airport and unload our luggage. Josh calls Tony to see where they are at, and they had to turn around to go back for their passports! Definitely can't forget the passports on this trip! So, Josh helped me get the luggage inside and Ellie and I waited in the chairs for everyone else. When they arrived, Tony followed Josh to his work to drop off his truck. The rest of us got in line to check in. I think just about everyone was flying out that day because it was busy! As we were standing in the security line, we noticed we only had 45 minutes until our plan was scheduled to take off. This frustrated me and Josh because there was a pretty long line to get thru. But we made it and got on the plane. Well, Ellie had to have a seat since she was a paying customer. So the flight attendant moved some people around to let us all seat together (because we were spread out). Once we moved just about everybody, we then were told we were on a delay. Our 6am flight didn't leave until 6:40! I was hoping that we could make our next flight.

We made it to Charlotte, NC and was able to cross almost half the airport and make it to our next flight. They were already in line so we didn't get much rest. This was the biggest plane I had yet to get on, so it was exciting. We all sat together again. This plane ride was much longer flight and I was praying Ellie would take a nap. She finally fell asleep about an 1 or so before we landing. While on the plane we had to fill out customs papers. We were in the back of the plane and all they had left was Spanish reading cards!! But with the help of a friendly neighbor that had an English version, we were able to get it done. It took us a while to get thru customs, but we didn't get checked!!

If you have never been to Cancun airport... WOW! There are so many people hounding you for travel things, car rides, and everything else you can think of. It was a little scary walking out of the airport! I had Ellie in my arms and was holding her for dear life!! We made it to our van and the driver was excellent in packing it with all our luggage! This van fit 10 people (we had 9) and he still was able to put in about 14 pieces of luggage!! We made it our resort and they had us on the wrong side, so we all sat outside and waited while Tony went to fix it. He came back about 30 minutes later and said we all had to go over to get our bracelets and keys. So we waited on the bus for lobby to lobby and went to check in. After another 30 minutes, we finally got in!! But, instead of going to our room... we went to eat! It was 3 pm and we hadn't had anything all day but the little bit of snacks they feed you on a plane. Needless to say, we were all hungry!!

Other than our long first day, the week went by really fast!! We stayed at the pool alot since that was Ellie's favorite thing. We ate, and ate, and ate some more. We went to town twice which was nice but a little scary at times. No lines on the road and no clear path to drive thru was scary!! We saw a few shows throughout the week like the Michael Jackson impersonator, Salsa dancing, and fire dancing. Those were all really nice.

I hope that someday we can make that trip again. There was so much to do and we didn't get a chance to do a lot that we wanted. I highly suggest that if you can ever go, please go! It was so worth the trip!!

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