Monday, November 22, 2010

My Life with Ellie

While playing in the living room:
Me:"Ellie I love you so much!"
Ellie: "I love you more!"

After getting on to her for walking away from me in Walmart and not listening when I told her to come back:
Ellie: "You being mean to me mommy. You stop it. (spanks my bottom) You be nice."
Me: After trying not to laugh... "Ellie I didn't want you to get taken from mommy. You don't spank me either."
Ellie: "I love you mommy!" (Hugs me)

After asking Ellie if she was ready to go to the beach:
Ellie: "I go put my shoes on." and she walks to her room and gets her shoes on.

Opening up the video cabinet:
Ellie: "What you wanna watch mommy? You want to watch this one. Right. You watch this one."
Me: "Are you sure I want to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks?"
Ellie: "Yeah, I'm sure."

Playing soccer in the living room:
Ellie: "Mommy do it like this. (bounces the ball then kicks it to me)
Me: "Okay" (I copy)
Ellie: "Good job mommy. Okay daddy it's your turn. You go over there behind mommy's tummy.
Daddy moves beside mommy.
Ellie: "No daddy. Let me show you how to do it." She then comes over and puts daddy in FRONT of mommy and shows him how to kick it.

While taking a bath:
Ellie: "Okay Brobee, it's time for your bath. Gus Gus, where are you? It's bath time. Oh, come here Gus Gus. It won't hurt, it's just a bath."

While wiping Ellie's nose I told her "Ellie your nose is running away. Oh no, we have to go get it. Where is it running to?"
Ellie: "It's running to Granby's. Let's go get it."
We run thru the house and I luckily catch it before it goes out the back door.
Ellie: "Thank you mommy."
By the way, it's surprising easy to put a nose back on. LOL.