Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, it's about time for me to update my blog. So far, it looks like I'm on a month to month update. Hehe!

We had an interesting Christmas this year. Ellie is starting to understand Christmas and what Santa is all about. I never got the chance to take her to see Santa or get her picture made, but I haven't done that in the last three years so why start now?... We had a great time at all our Christmas gatherings. We missed Christmas at PePaw's (Josh granddad) because of the snow and ice that were on the roads. He decided that it was too dangerous for all of us to come out, so we spent Christmas morning at home. Ellie got up and found all her toys!! Santa had left Ellie a Barbie Jeep power wheel, all the princess barbies, lots of movies and games, Mr. Potato Head, and lots of other things. Ellie really enjoyed the Jeep because she wouldn't open any of the other gifts!! After we played for a while, we headed outside to play in the snow. Ellie was reluctant at first but when she got out there she loved it. I put her in her new boots our cousin got her and her new jacket. She was toasty!! She made snowballs and had a snow ball fight with me and Josh. For some reason, she decided to try to eat the snow!!! So before we went in for the day, I had to get her a small bowl of snow for her to eat. She kept saying, "It's water." I still don't think she understands.

Here are a few pictures of our wonderful Christmas gatherings. By the way, did I mention that we had our first White Christmas!!!??!! It was beautiful!!

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