Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Snow of 2011

After having snow for Christmas, I was surprised that we had it again a few weeks later!! I love the snow!! Seems like we never got it as a kid, so I am loving it now. I'm trying to get Ellie interested in it, but all she seems to want to do is eat it! At Christmas she would go outside and grab a handful of snow and just stuff her face!! So this time, I was smart. I sat a bowl outside and caught more than the bowl full of snow!! It was overflowing because we had so much snow!! I couldn't believe it. Josh and I looked outside about the time it started and thirty minutes later everything was covered!!! I loved it!!

I have also loved the time off!! We had only a week and a half off for Christmas so this extra time off is pretty sweet. Josh went to work today because he was getting a little stir crazy, but I'm not yet. I am loving this time with Ellie. We are still potty training and it is really getting to me that she will not get it on a consistent basis, but we are trying. Being at home like this is helping. She is finally knowing that she has to go (and may go just a little in her pants) but realizes it and goes potty. Hopefully in a few more days she will get it completely. It has also been helpful that we have been off because she developed pinkeye!! We haven't been able to get out to the doctor, but thankfully the nurse called in some eye drops and Josh was able to stop at Walmart and get them for us. Her poor eye is so red and irritated, but I pray this eye drops help and clear it up before we have to go back to school.

Well, here are a few pictures of our days in the snow!! Enjoy!

Josh creating a snow angel
Knee deep in snow!
Driveway, layer of ice, layer of snow, small layer of ice on top

My favorite picture of them ever!
WOW lots of snow!!!
Don't drive on the roads!!!

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