Friday, March 28, 2008


I have determined that my child has colic. If you don't know what colic is it is a prolonged period of unexplained crying during which nothing seems to be of comfort. I came to this conclusion last night after putting up with this fussiness every night this week. It always starts about the same time, 8-9 pm. I was trying to start a bedtime routine, bath, feed, then bed. Well, Monday night I thought that the bath was the problem, so I did not give her a bath Tuesday or Wednesday night. Tuesday night I thought maybe it was something that I ate, so Wednesday I really watched what I ate. Wednesday I thought maybe it was the formula I had given her earlier that day, so Thursday I didn't give her any formula. Guess what happened each and every night... she would be hungry so I would nurse, but instead she would nurse for a few minutes and pull off violently (ouch!!) and start screaming. She would latch back on and nurse and few more minutes and start all over again. We put it off as gas, because sometimes she will pass gas or have a dirty diaper and stop crying. This week, she hasn't done either. I have tried everything. I rock her, she cries. I try to burp her, she cries. I walk with her... yes, that did it... nope she cries again. I lay her down, she cries. I give her a passy, it works for a few minutes, then she cries. Eventually (about 12-1am) she gives out and falls to sleep.

Now, my problem with this is that I like my sleep. I have to start back to work Monday so I will not be able to get up and feed her then go back to sleep till 9 -10 am like I have been. When I do that I am fine. Now I am going to have to stay up and get up early with no morning nap!!! I am really scared at how I am going to take it next week. Maybe mommy mode will kick in and I will be fine with the lack of sleep.

If anyone has ever had this happen to them, please please give me some advise. Nothing seems to comfort her!! Should I take her to the doctor and see if something else is wrong with her? What can I do?!?!

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Andrea said...

Kelly, It sounds just like Gabe when he started getting reflux. He would drink a little bit and start crying. Then try to drink more and start crying even more. By that time he was so mad I couldn't calm him down. I would just call Dr. Cochran's office and see what they say. They were great with Gabe.