Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daycare Day 2

Much better day today!! The only bad thing about today is that she had a melt down when Mrs. Jenna left the room. No one could calm her down. They said that as soon as Mrs. Jenna walked back into the room she stopped. She didn't have to come and pick Ellie up either. I guess she is starting to get familiar with at least one teacher there.

I had a really good conversation with Jenna this morning about Ellie and she apologized for not giving her any bottles. She said that Ellie never cried or seemed hungry so she didn't give one to her. I told Jenna to please give her a bottle at morning break (around 9am), feed her a good lunch (usually 2 tubs of food), then give her a bottle as you are trying to get her to sleep, and then again about 4pm (thought I was going to have softball but rain flooded our roads). Jenna said she would and she did do it. I saw a paper that had Ellie's name on it (of course I looked) and it had down all of Ellie's diaper changes and what they were, all feeding and what she had. I told them that I would like to have something like this everyday. They said they didn't give that out, but again, that's stupid. What parent wouldn't like to have a paper telling everything that happened with the kid!!??? Anyways.... It was a much better day and I think it will keep getting better and soon as we straighten out all the kinks.

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Sara said...

I am the same way. I want to know how long they slept, what they ate and how much, and when they pooped. I guess not all parents care or understand that you can tell if something is wrong a lot quicker if you know all that. I am glad today was better for her (and you!)