Sunday, January 11, 2009

The New Adventures of Ellie

Ellie has decided to try a new thing. Walking. She has been able to walk holding on to tables and other various items, but she has not wanted to let go. Friday morning she decided to. I guess it was Carter being here Thursday night and watching him walk around like crazy that made her make up her mind. Ellie won't do it all the time though. She likes to make me a liar. But it is so cute when she does walk. She is still a little wobbly, but walks pretty good. My big fear is that she will be walking and fall into the table!!! I told Josh we might have to get rid of that for a while. I just wanted to update you guys on her! By the way, she has two new teeth now (that makes total of 4)!!

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Anonymous said...

Your fear is normal for a Mother or Papa. When Madison starting walking I lost my coffee table for quite a few years. Now I have one again. He still watches the little one when they are around it. Love you, Aunt Susie