Monday, January 5, 2009


Well, today was Ellie's first day at daycare. To most people's surprise, I was really okay with the idea. I never cried (well I guess I did a little when I had to pay the man), but I never cried about leaving her with strangers. I knew she would be taking care of. When I got there, I met the teachers and saw that they had a huge room full of kids!!! I forgot that today the students didn't have to go to school and was all there. I guess that was actually good, because Ellie made an instant friend when I sat her on the mat. I gave her a book and a little boy (about 2-3 yrs old) sat down with her and was showing her the book. He pointed out the cow and said "the cow says moooooo". It was really cute. I think that probably helped Ellie stay there. She had tons to play with.

When I went to pick her up, she had just woke up from a nap. The director was holding her and Ellie saw me threw the window when she came to open the door. Ellie just started screaming and couldn't get out of her arms fast enough. When I got her in my arms, she just laid her head on my shoulder and would not get up. I talked to Mrs. Jenna (her teacher) and she told me that Ellie did great. She talked alot, played and crawled every where. She said that Ellie had a hard time sleeping (not a surprise to me). I told her that I give her a bottle, rocked her, and laid her on her side with her pillow in front of her. Hopefully she will do that tomorrow.

When I got Ellie into the car, I was going to give her a bottle because she usually takes one after she wakes up (she can hold her own bottle now which is wonderful for this situation). As I was getting the bottle out, I wanted to check at how much she ate so that I would know how many bottles to take for her. Guess what, she had ALL 5 BOTTLES FULL!!!!!!! That's the part that ticked me off. I fed Ellie at 7am (where she had oatmeal and a bottle) and I know that they had to feed her because she has a little food on her, but they never thought to give her a bottle!!!??!! I thought for sure that they would be smart enough to know that she is not like the 2-3 yrs olds and can't go all day without a bottle!!! When I gave her the bottle, she sucked it down! Now, I am really concerned about tomorrow. I am starting softball tomorrow so that means that Ellie will have to stay until 5 0r 5:30 before I could get her! Are they going to starve her all day? Will she not get a bottle again tomorrow? Well, actually I know that they will give her a bottle tomorrow because I am going to make sure that I say something to them in the morning.

Other than the bottle incident, I think I am pleased with the daycare. But it has only been one day, so we will come back to that in a few days or weeks and see if my opinion has changed.

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Sara said...

That is awful! Maybe you should try writing down her eating schedule for them to reference so they will know what she is used to. Maybe they fed her another child's food by mistake? Either way, I think she would have let them know if she was hungry. Good luck tomorrow!