Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ellie and Cousin Gage

My nephew Gage doesn't come around but every two weeks because my sister is on call every other weekend. When they do come home, we like to go and spend some time with them. Gage has developed into Ellie's big brother. He is a wonderful helper! He loves to help get, and throw away diapers. He laughed like crazy at her this weekend when she made her "face" and when she talked. I would ask him what she said and he would say, "lalalala,dadada." Your right Gage, that is what she said. Well, I actually remembered to take my camera this time and I got some pictures.

Playing together.

Gage loves to give Ellie hugs!!
Talking to each other! (my favorite)
Dalton Gage Cornelius

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Wendy Cornelius said...

I'm not on call every other weekend thank GOD!!! Just every 5th weekend for now. I'm so jealous your camera takes such great pictures!