Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's All About The Mouse

Okay, I promised you pictures of Gage's birthday and I finally got them downloaded. Forgive me for being late. All you moms know how busy you can get.


This past weekend was my nephew Gage's birthday. We had a wonderful outdoor party at my Grandma Foster's house. She can't get out and about much, so it was nice to have it there so she could share in the celebration. Well, Gage loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And I agree with my sister, "I have never seen so much stuff that is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!" He got a lawn chair with Mickey on it, a sleeping bag with a Mickey pillow, books, and clothes. My sister made the cake which I thought was amazing!! Just look at the picture! I couldn't have done it. Way to go Wendy!!! Anyways, I think Gage enjoyed himself. He got lots of toys and couldn't wait to open them. That night at mom and dad's he was able to open one gift and play with it. Surprisingly (to me anyways) he picked a Bob the Builder hat and tool belt. It was pretty neat, but I was for sure that he would have picked something Mickey. Oh, did I mention he got a tent!!?? With Mickey on it!!?? I bet he had a blast with that at home.

So, if Gage is reading this with mommy... Happy Birthday!! We love you!!

"Oh money!" -he liked the money!!

Kids can make a toy out of anything!! (it's ribbon!)

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